Hello all, Yankee_Lee here! I'm just making this quick update post to address a couple of important changes coming to the server, the server expansion and many more different changes you will see over the next week. 

As many of you know, I came to EnderHotel MC with a goal, a dream and passion. My main goal is to create a fun and loving community for all players with the help of Paul, and my fellow staff. Other goals include: 1) a staff reform, ensuring everyone knows what they are doing and managing the servers properly. 2) Grow the server to run over many different modpacks and games. 3) Have fun!

As for server expansion, we have decided to open a second server on a modpack. More news will follow on the pack, ranks, and other details in the future.

Moving on to the new staff format, from today, we will have new staff ranks with different duties for everyone. Our ranks are as follows: 

1) Owner/Co-Owner - Incharge of the server and ensuring everything works.

2) Head Admin - Watching over the staff team and ensuring the staff are abiding by the rules.

3) Admin - Creating events and working on server official projects.

4) Moderator - Supporting admins in server projects whilst monitoring chat and dealing with tickets.

5) Junior Moderators - Monitoring chat and ensuring appropriate punishments are given to rule breakers.

6) Helpers - Help players of the community with general needs.

7) Builders* - Build!

*Builders are only used for building events, and important server builds. No actual power is given to a builder rank.

Staff applications are currently CLOSED until the new staff application format is uploaded for all.

Hello everyone,
         I wanted to announce today that our server will be open on Saturday, April 8th 2017 @ 3:00 pm EST (-5). If you havent already join our discord (link on the homepage) and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

                                                                           - Paul   

Owner and founder of EnderHotelMC