I. You are not allowed to use any cheat mods or unauthorized mods on our servers. You may use any of the mods listed here. The ban time will be decided depending on the mod you are using. II. You are not allowed to trade in game items or EnderCoins for items outside our network. This will result in a shop ban and a 30 day server ban. If you do the offense again there will be a permanent ban issued. III. You are strickly not allowed to advertise for any other servers/realms or websites. This will result in an instant permanent mute and maybe even a ban decided by an admin or owner. IV. You are not allowed to have an Inappropriate skin, username or Profile Picture. You will be authorized a permanent ban. When you change your name or skin you may appeal on our website. This applys on the website, server and discord. V. You are not allowed to ask a friend to ask why you were banned or use alternative accounts to bypass ban or mute. This will result in all of the accounts being banned for 30 additional days, if you are permanent banned you will be banned again. Using discord, our website or any other means of communication to our staff about your ban will also result in a 30 day or permanent ban. VI. Scamming another player is not allowed. If you scam a player you will get a warn or a ban depending on how bad you scamed a player. Scaming a player in real life will result in a permanent ban and other consequences. VII. The use of more than 2 alternative accounts to cheat items is strickly prohibited and will lead to a ban. VIII. Spaming tp/message commands will result in a warning and then a temp ban if you do not stop. Spaming includes doing the command more than 4 times. XIV. Intentionally abuse of rank, lag causes or glitches will result in a permanent ban. If you find a glitch that gives an unfair advantage please private message the owner on discord or on enjin. XV. Threatening to hack the server is agaist our policys and will result in a warn. If you continue you will be muted or banned from our networks. XVI. Bypassing the chat filter will result in a warn followed by a mute depending on the warns you previously had. XVII. Use commmon sense. The consequence will depend on what you do. XVIII. Spaming on our website, or servers will result in a warn and a mute depending if you keep doing it. The mute time is decided by how many warns you previously have. XIX. Talking about other servers will result in a warn or mute depending on warns and the moderator's decision. XX Disrespect, Harrasment or being toxic will result in a war or a mute. This also means that you must respect other players aswell as staff. XXI Being racist, sexist, homophobic or anything related will result in an instant mute depending on your server record. XXII You are not allowed to talk about poltics or any other topics that may offend people. XXIII Telling other players to break the rules will result in a mute and warn. XXIV Swearing excessively, not using moderate language or whining will result in a warning and mute depending on your record. XXV Sending fake messages made to look like server messages in chat, via message, website/server mail or discord will result in a warn and a mute depending on your previous record. XXVI Impersonating or 'mini-modding' is agaist the rules stickly. This will result in a warning or mute. XXVII Advertising social media accounts will be considered as 'Advertising' and will give you a 30 day mute. XXVIII Sending unrealated links to our site on discord (besides images) or in game will result in a warning or mute. BY PLAYING ON OUR SERVER YOU AGREE TO ALL THE RULES ALONG WITH OUT TERMS OF SERIVCE LISTED IN THE SHOP. WE MAY CHANGE THE RULES AT ANY MOMENT.